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Financing a property in Italy for a non Resident Person is possible but it is not a quick and easy process.  
bullet It is stressful and tiring because of the language barrier;
bullet Few Italian banks grant a mortgage to foreign people;
bullet May be required to translate your payslip and other income documents.

consultants have a vast indepth knowledge and over one decade of experience about mortgages for non Resident People.

Check the possibility to get a loan in Italy!

With their help get a mortgage in Italy is:
bullet Simple because they deal with banks on your behalf;
They bring to your attention only quotes which come from banks that are able to finance you;


They take care of the documentation that banks require and  follow step by step the process that allows you to obtain the mortgage.

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The process to get a mortgage in Italy is composed of 6 STEPS:
bullet You must identify the property you wish to buy;
bullet To check  if your profile has adequate finances to get a mortgage. Contact us, we do it for you;
bullet You have to get a "codice fiscale" which is necessary to do the purchase proposal . Keep in mind that it is a good idea to link the "codice fiscale" to the mortgage ( in this way, in case the bank does not grant the mortgage, you have the legal right to ask back the deposit given to the seller);
bullet You will need to choose the length of the mortgage and the type of rate: variable or fixed rate;

You will need to provide a full record of your age and  income documentation needed to complete the loan application to be submitted to the bank;

bullet Once the loan is approved, then you can come in Italy or appoint a proxy to complete your purchase with the mortgage.


Thanks www.BESTITALIANLOAN.com! 
In this critical time related to the issue of mortgage loans, I have to thank you for having really assisted my clients in the best possible way! 
Within 20 days you have given the OK to my anglophone customers  and managed them with absolute simplicity and clarity to get the loan they wished! Finally something that works fast in Italy! 
For my German customers it took a few days more, but they were also able to obtain the mortgage on 'suit made' and for the period that they wanted! Thank you! 
Sure of future developments in our relations, 
Dr. Richard Luculli 
Managing director 

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